Coin Scales

Product Brochure

Coin Scales | SP40+ Coin Checker

The SP40+ allows you to verify coins, within minting tolerances, quickly, quietly and with a minimum of fuss.


  • Counting or verifying loose or packaged coin e.g. gaming winnings, teller deposits.
  • Verifying bulk bags of coins.
  • Counting or verifying coin in hoppers or containers e.g. gaming machine hoppers, vending machine cashboxes.


  • Reliable and accurate within minting tolerances
  • Simple controls – easy to use.
  • Large clear operator’s display.
  • Two levels of totalling – accumulated counts can be added into a grand total.
  • Includes battery for portability and mobility.
  • 30kg capacity - bulk coin can be easily processed along with smaller bags of coins (This equates to $6,000 in $2 coins).
  • Large stable weighing platform for hoppers or cash boxes.
  • Can be supplied with a remote customer display and RS232 port if required.
  • Can be supplied with an interface to Optos CCTV recorders to allow text overlay onto video footage.


330mm (W) x 270mm (D) x 100mm (H)