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11CI 10
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CI-10 Compact Cash Recycling

SMART Cash Management

The compact cash recycling system, CI-10, consists of a banknote recycler (CI-10B) and a coin recycler (CI-10C). The CI-10 Compact Cash Recycler has been designed to adapt to various markets, such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail stores, banks, transport companies, etc).


The CI-10 can be integrated into an exisitng POS system, enabling automated cash handling, improved security, staff productivity, custoemr service and fund efficiency. The CI-10 is stylishly designed in straight lines so that it can be integraed into both manned cash desks and self-checkouts easily. Incorporating cololured LED "follow me" signed, assists in guiding the customer to complete the payment with ease and simplicity. If the CI-100 Cash Recycling Centre is in place, the CI-10 and CI-100 complement each other to offer a secure closed cash management solution. A stacking collection cassette is also available in the case a CI-100 is not in place.


The CI-10 Compact Cash Recycler offers:

  • Can be integrated into an existing POS software requirements
  • Stylish sleek design with "Follow Me" LED signage for customer guidance
  • Secure closed cash management with the CI-100
  • Exit shute for notes for tamper proofing
  • Error recovery animation guidance
  • CI-Server Cash Management Software