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CI-100 Cash Recycling Centre

SMART Cash Management


The cash recycling system, CI-100, consists of both a banknote recycling and coin recycling modules, improving security and reduces cash handling at the start-of-shift, change of shift, end of shift and close-of-day. The CI-100 offers cashier operation for cash handling in the bank office so managers can have more time to focus on their core business. If the optional POS compact cash recycling system CI-10 is in place, the CI-10 and CI-100 offer a completely secure closed cash management environment.


In addition, the CI-100 handles not only the interface cassette of the CI-10, but also loose notes and coins from non integrated manual cash drawers. This unique function gives retailers both flexibility and extensibility.


The CI-100 Cash Recycling Centre offers:

  • Dual methods to deposit and dispense banknotes
  • Direct coin dispense into a cash drawer
  • Easy and highly intuitive operation with a touch panel display
  • Secure closed cash management with the optional CI-10
  • CI-Server Cash Management Software