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RZ-100 Currency Recycler

Streamline teller operations through sophisticated cash recycling

This all-in-one, automated cash-in/cash-out system features a compact design to fit easily under the teller counter, an easy user interface, automatic transaction processing, and a high level of vault security. The smartly styled RZ-100 not only lightens the load on tellers and increases their productivity, it also pleases customers by reducing thier wait time in a queue.


  • Recycling System - Increases efficiency by allowing the use of deposited banknotes for withdrawals. Also minimizes jams by recycling only notes that are in good condition.
  • Increase Teller Productivity - Faster speed allows tellers to process more transactions quickly, increasing productivity, and reducing customer wait times.
  • Escrow Function - Rather than sending counted banknotes immediately to a stacker/cassette, the RZ-100/RBU-10 Escrow function holds them until the transaction is concluded. If the customer cancels the transaction or a recount is required, the original notes are returned to the teller.


RZ-100 RBU-10
CapacityDeposit 150 notes 150 notes
Dispense 150 notes 100 notes
SpeedDeposit 5 notes/sec. 8 notes/sec.
Dispense 4 notes/sec. 8 notes/sec.
Storage Units 8 Cassettes 6 Stackers
300 notes/cassette 1,000 notes/stacker
Escrow Unit 150 notes 400 notes
Collection Cassette 2,000 notes NA
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 380 x 1,035 x 909 mm 440 x 1,097 x 860 mm