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CS30D TRAD Coin Counter / Dispenser

The CS30D TRAD coin counter/dispenser has been designed for use in gaming sites where cashiers are required to issue coins to patrons.

Compact reliable and easy to use, the CS30D TRAD with its integrated conversion keypad, dispenses coins quickly and accurately.

The integrated keypad allows operators to key in the value of the coins required to be dispensed. This improves cashier efficiency, and eliminates calculation errors.

It is supplied with an acrylic hopper extension for increased capacity, a remote display so the customer can view the transaction, and has an optional detached keypad which can be used for clearances. The machine can also be used as a standard coin counter, with the usual preset batch, and grand total features.



  • Durable
  • Large capacity coin hopper
  • Good processing speed


  • Off sorting (reject) bag holder
  • Detached keypad, including RS232 connectivity


Processing speed Up to 1,500 coins per minute
Coin size range 14-34mm diameter, 1.0-3.4mm thickness
Hopper capacity Approximately 5,000 coins
Batches Variable 1 to 9,999
Dimensions 386mm (D) x 227mm (W) x 400mm (H)
Weight 13kg