Note Sorters


GFR-220 - Note Counter / Sorter

The GFR-220 has been designed for use in heavy volume cash centres, where efficiency, throughput and accuracy are paramount in the value ($ amount) processing of incoming mixed-denomination note deposits.


  • High quality note recognition technology
  • Continuous counting, with larger reject pocket
  • Dual person operability
  • Operating modes to value count, denomination off-sort, face, orientate
  • Port for connecting to software


  • Printer
  • Clearance keypad
  • Deposit management software


Counting speed - Mixed 1,000 notes per minute
Counting speed - Single 1,500 notes per minute
Display Large LCD
Note size limits 62 x 120mm to 82 x 160mm
Hopper capacity 500 notes
Stacker capacity 200 notes
Reject capacity 100 notes
Batching Variable 1 to 999
Error detection Double, chain, half note, jam
Document feed Roller friction type
Dimensions 340 mm (W) x 335mm (D) x 345mm (H)
Weight 14kg