Casino Redemption Centre

Polaris Redemption Centre

Redemption Centre

The Polaris Redemption Centre offers the latest casino cash redemption systems to meet the needs of even the most demanding casino requirements. Within the various model options, venue patrons can use the machine to deposit their coin winnings and receive notes in exchange, break larger denomination notes into smaller denominations, redeem and reload barcode tickets.

This modular system can be configured within the local regulations, and can be used for any of these functions:

  • Redemption of coins and/or tokens into notes
  • Breaking high value notes into smaller denominations
  • Jackpot payouts
  • Barcode ticket redemption and reloading
  • Support of loyalty programmes


  • Easy to use
  • Industry-standard coin and note validators and dispensers
  • UPS for power management
  • Safe-standard cabinet and locks
  • Large capacity
  • On-line management and monitoring
  • Modular

Model options and specifications available from ATS on request.