Intelligent Safes

Product Brochure

Intelligent Safe System (ISS)

The ISS is a compact intelligent (smart) safe system dedicated to small and medium retail branches in order to make cash deposit (banknotes bundles) safely and autonomously.

Self service
The ISS has been designed to for ease of use. All the user needs to do is enter their user ID number onto the ISS touchscreen and then insert the banknotes through the note acceptor. The ISS then automatically accepts the notes and the user account is credited with the corresponding amount depsoited. Any foreign or fake banknotes are automatically identified and rejected. Using the ISS means the branch manager doesn't need to count the notes inside the ISS, as this is done automatically each time a deposit is made, leaving the branch manager to simply view the eletronic transaction journal.

Retailers can use the ISS to ensure that cashiers can make deposits quickly and easily during their current shift, or at the end-of-shift and end-of-day to safely deposit their takings. Compared with a standard safe, the ISS enables cashiers to make cash deposits and branch managers to monitor their cash at any given time. The ISS is suitable for any retailer or business handling cash and wanting to make cash deposits quickly and easily with the ability for the cash to me managed and monitored with ease.


Example industries currently using the ISS: Petrol stations, cinemas, restaurant chains, fast food retailers and retail stores.