Change Dispensers


CG-68 Change Giver

A compact design incorporating a quality note validator and up to 8 coin hoppers, each individually accessed by its own illuminated push button. Ideal for providing change for tills during unsupervised periods.



  • Secure compact design
  • Up to 8 hopper payout
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Up to 16 different note denominations
  • Can accept multiple currencies
  • System self-diagnostics with fault detection and recovery
  • 8 hopper fully programmable payout at up to 6 coins per second per hopper
  • Button select operation
  • Programmable multi-coin payout per button push
  • Bright easy to read LED display shows acceptance, payout progress and operational condition



  • DMP interface for connection to multi machine network, remote machine audits and machine setup, and DMLink.
  • Printer and Real Time Clock for printable audit trail
  • Machine audit and setup using PC



  • Dual rpt high security locks
  • Strong five point wall mounting
  • Anti-spill flap
  • Electro-mechanical note-in & coins-out meters
  • Hopper dump facility for audit
  • Software audit trail holds last transaction details
  • Optional alarm output for xenon strobe or sounder



Height             537mm Coin Capacity (10P size): 8x500

Width             670mm Weight (Empty): 40 Kg

Depth             260mm Power Requirements: 110-230v, 1A, 50-60Hz