Deposit - Cash

Product Brochure

CDS1510 - Cash Deposit System

The CDS1500 has been designed for the transport industry (bus, rail and ferry companies), allowing drivers or ticket issuers to deposit their day’s takings into this machine.

It is usually located at the depot, in a secure area.

The users deposit the notes and coins from their cash box, and receive a receipt. The transaction data is uploaded to the company’s revenue system for overs-and-unders reporting and to provide other management information as required.

The coin and note vaults are removed on a daily basis and processed either in the company’s own cash room or by a Cash-in-Transit company.

For the users, the CDS1500 offers convenience, reduced queuing time, a secure environment in which to pay in their takings and an audit receipt for every transaction.

For the company, the CDS1500 automates the pay-in process, provides full audit trails for all transactions and reduces conflict with staff over discrepancies.


  • Easy to use
  • Industry-standard note validator and coin acceptance module
  • UPS for power management
  • High security cabinet and locks
  • Large capacity
  • On-line management and monitoring


Model options and specifications available from Sprintquip on request.