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ATS Penguin Coin Deposit2
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Penguin Coin Deposit Machine

The Penguin can be located at any site where customers require to deposit loose coin in an in-lobby installation.

Examples include bank branches, shopping malls, supermarkets and other retail sites.

The user deposits loose coin, recieves a receipt to record the transaction, and then approaches a teller to deposit the funds into an account or to be givennotes in exchange.

Model options allow different configurations, and include the ability to be card operated, deposit direct to a bank account. addition of loose note acceptance and a digital signage panel, as well as the ability to allow fees to be charged.

For the users, the Penguin offers convinience, a secure environment in which to deposit their loose coins, reduced queing tim, and an audit receipt for every transaction.

For the bank branch, the Penguin provides a convinient service to its customers and allows staff to be re-deployed to more profitable activities, while still retaining contact time with the customer when the receipt is banked.



  • Easy to use - 2 button operation
  • Industry -standard coin validation module
  • Large capacity
  • Optional on-line management and monitoring
  • Optional loose note deposit
  • Optional digital signage panel