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4700 Envelope / Bag Deposit


The 4700 can be located at any site where customers require to make deposits to their bank account, in either an in-lobby or through-the-wall installation.

Examples include bank branches, shopping malls, and other large retail or commercial complexes. Other applications could be for utility companies, governement departments or municiple authorities to receive customer payments, airline crews to deposit flight sale takings, and transport operators to deposit their takings.

The user deposits a bar-coded or RF-tagged envelope and recieves a receipt to record the transaction.

Model options allow different configurations, and include the ability to be card operated, deposit direct to a bank account, allow multiple deposits, give same day declared value and allow for fees to be charged.

For the users, the 4700 offers convinience, a secure environment in which to deposit their banking, after hours access, reduced queing time and an audit receipt for every transaction.

For the bank branch, the 4700 provides a convinient service to its customers, allows staff to be re-deployed to more profitable activities and gives the bank a means to fully track all deposits.



  • Easy to use touch screen and on-screen animations.
  • UPS for power management
  • Safe-standard cabinet and locks
  • Large capacity
  • On-line management and monitoring
  • Modular

Model options and specifications available from ATS upon request.