Interactive Digital Kiosk

Internet Banking Kiosk

ATS Kiosks are a cost effective way to introduce your customers to self-service technology beyond the ATM.

Placing Kiosks in branches is a great way to divert certain customer tasks out of crowded teller lines and into the self-service environment.


The benefits of ATS banking kiosks

  • Delivers Secure Self-Service access to your customers
  • Extends your branch network
  • Drives adoption of on-line banking
  • Personalizes the on-line process with face-to-face video (optional)



  • Small footprint
  • Flexibility. ATS Kiosks can be easily moved or relocated as requirements change
  • The full A4 slim-line printer allows full statements to be printed


Technical Details

  • 15’,17’, 19’ and 21’ LCD touch screen with SAW (surface acoustic wave) touch overlay
  • Standard Intel P4.3.0 CPU, 16 DDR2, RAM, 160GH/Drive
  • Dimensions: 138x52x28cm
  • Weight: 48kgs (NET)



  • Card reader
  • 88mm ticket printer
  • A4 thermal printer
  • Stainless metal keyboard with roller ball mouse
  • Bar code scanner
  • External marketing display
  • Factory painting or skinning locally
  • Privacy screen filter
  • Wi-Fi card