About Us

Glory Global Solutions acquired Advanced Transaction Systems Limited (ATS), New Zealand’s largest provider of cash handling solutions for both the retail and banking industries, in November 2015. Retaining the company’s nationwide sales and service network, Glory Global Solutions New Zealand is the best choice for companies seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions to suit their cash handling and transaction needs.

With more live cash solutions around the world than anyone else; over 13,500 units sold and installed in New Zealand alone, constituting around 80% of the national cash handling market, we work in partnership with our customers to understand their challenges and what’s required at the point of cash interaction.  Our experts identify exact needs, establishing a framework of technology and process change that has a tangible effect on business results. This framework delivers a proven return on investment and sees new levels of customer engagement.

Our solutions are the catalyst to transform the bank branch, enabling new layouts and designs and creating customer-centric environments designed to improve the customer experience and increase product sales. We help optimize the Retail Cash Chain to secure, automate and accelerate the flow of cash from the point of sale to the retailer’s bank account. And as the leading supplier of cash processing systems, including vault software, our coin and note processing solutions deliver the lowest cost per note metrics for our customers around the world.

Our factory trained service technicians, product experts and software professionals in New Zealand, deploy knowledge, skills, resources and technology, to ensure that cash moves seamlessly throughout operations, significantly reducing cost whilst transforming staff productivity.

Glory Global Solutions, formed in 2013, combines the former international businesses of Glory and Talaris. A global business of over 3,000 employees and headquartered in the UK, Glory Global Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of GLORY Ltd. [TYO:6457].