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With over 13,000 cash processing and handling solutions installed and maintained in New Zealand GGS formerly ATS is the leading provider of specialist maintenance and support services.

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Glory Global Solutions formerly Advanced Transaction Systems (ATS) is New Zealand's leading supplier of cash processing equipment, selling and servicing cash processing machines (that is, machines that count, sort, package and otherwise process notes and coins) from the world's leading manufacturers.


Let us design and develop your website so you can build your business.

Using tools such as Silverstripe CMS (Content Management System) you will be able to maintain your website with minimal cost to your business so that profits and customers can be increased!


Promail marketing software is fully featured and is built specifically to help automate your follow up marketing, giving your sales team more motivated leads in the process. It will turn more leads into buyers! 

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Our Digital signs are used to entertain, inform or advertise .

Major benefits of digital signs over traditional static signs are that the content can be exchanged without effort, animations can be shown, the signs can adapt to the context and audience, and even be interactive.

15 Reasons to use Digital Signage

  1. Create more impulse buys at Point of Sale
  2. Bring your window displays to life
  3. Promote your suppliers products on a cooperative funding basis
  4. Give customers information or dispense tickets
  5. Use signs and kiosks as 24/7 unpaid salespeople
  6. Undertake customer surveys via touch screens or kiosks
  7. Offer extended hours service using a touch screen or kiosk
  8. Use kiosks so your digital signage is mobile
  9. Create sales leads at trade shows
  10. Use digital signs as updateable directory boards
  11. Offer your own internet café in-store to attract customers
  12. Entertain a partner in store while the other partner shops
  13. Cut down cues by allowing clients to order via an in store kiosk
  14. Entertain via screens and earn passive advertising revenue
  15. Differentiate your business from the competition